What is it? Born Primitive’s Women’s Snatch Shorts were designed by Olympic lifters to solve the common problem of that Grinder's Gear Review | Born Primitivepainful bar sting you might experience while executing the snatch. Just like your regular booty shorts, except with the addition of a pad covering the pubic bone.

What do I think? I originally thought the extra padding would make the shorts bulky and awkward, but within minutes of wearing them I found them to be comfortable and the pad was unnoticeable. As for sizing, these are true to size, but when in doubt choose the smaller size.  I mistakenly went with a medium and would have preferred the pad to fit a little closer/lower. The pad doesn’t completely absorb the full impact from the bar, but it certainly does its job of taking out some of the pain.

Grinder's Gear Review | Born PrimitiveWhy do you need it? If you’re known to make contact with the bar on your upper thighs during the snatch, this is a great tool to correct it. The pad placement serves as a reminder to the lifter of where the bar should hit. I spent a lot of time working on technique while wearing the shorts, and was able to take closer notice of the bar path to adjust as needed.

When should you use it? A beginner lifter would find these helpful while they are still learning the snatch technique and building a foundation with their movement, while an experienced lifter can utilize the shorts to go for that next PR or to fine tune their bar placement. Any time you are doing high rep work, especially from the hang position, would be a great time to wear them.

How do you get it?You’ll find these on the Born Primitive website retailing for $40 in sizes X-Small to Large. Check out the snatch shorts as well as their “Traps are the New Tits” tanks.



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