Grinder's Gear Review | ASRXWhat is it?  I tested out two of the new bottoms that ASRX offers; the Lift 280 Legging and the Lift 280 Capri. These are made with a different fabric than the original Lift Capri. ASRX says they “decreased the weight of the fabric to bring our community the softest, lightest, most comfortable lifting capris and pants on the market.” They have also come out with a wide range of new colors and patterns in both styles.

 What do I think? My first impression was that the fabric reminded me a little of swimsuit material, but lighter. They really are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. I don’t usually wear long leggings for workouts in the summer, but this type of fabric feels cool against your skin, and the sweat-wicking feature makes it possible to wear them when the temps get higher. As light as the fabric is, I promise they are not see-through!

Why do you need it? If you’re looking for pants or capris that make it feel like you aren’t actually wearing any, give these a try.

When should you use it? Wear these for any workout, regardless of the temperature. With the wide range of colors and patterns, you’re guaranteed to find a pair that you’ll love.

How do you get it? Find these at their site. The leggings retail for $71.99 and the capris for $68.Grinder's Gear Review | ASRX


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