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What is it? The process for developing The Factor Short is described on the website as: “After years of testing and knowing that something was missing we have finally landed on a product that reigns supreme to all others on the market. The Factor Short, equipped with LIFTech™ is designed for the comfort and durability needed to conquer your hardest workouts. 🇺🇸 Made In The USA.”

What do I think? Rugged, durable, solidly constructed would be the first three things that come to mind when asked to describe this high quality shorts. ASRX (formerly LifeAsRX) has done a tremendous job redesigning and rebranding their company over the past couple of years. These shorts are a great example of the newer, high quality items that they are producing. Everything I tested and trained in from ASRX has been excellent. If you are used to the more traditional knee-length basketball type of WOD shorts, these will run a little shorter. As a second added bonus, I have used these all summer not only to train in but they also serve as my favorite pair of swimming trunks.

Why do you need it? If you like the trend in somewhat shorter shorts or you’ve had problems with shorts that have fallen apart after too Grinder's Gear Review | ASRXmany training sessions, The Factor will address all those needs. The fact that they are American Made is always a big plus.

When should you use it? Great for training session for everything from running, to weight training to CrossFit. With a more sturdy fabric, the Factor helped to protect my legs against contact from the barbell on lifts and padded a little on movements like burpees. Love the pockets and drawstring helps to find the perfect fit without pinching around the waist.

How do you get it? ASRX sell The Factor Short on their site and retails for $54.99.  A little pricy, but you get what you pay for in this case.

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