What is it? LALO is a company that started out to serve the needs of Special Forces Operators. Their website explains their mantra as “We Grinder's Gear Review | LALO Tacticalbelieve that a professional athlete and a Special Forces Operator have much in common, both extraordinary individuals who never ring the bell.” I tried out their Zodiac Recon running shoe.

What do I think? My first impression out of the box was that they are unlike any running shoe I’ve seen.  Their upper is made of their trademark SuperFabric, which is a fabric, overlay with flexible armor plates for protection.  The sole of the Recon is foam, and is curved or rounded with a thicker heel than a typical shoe. The weight of this shoe is surprisingly light, considering the size.

Why do you need it? I tested these shoes during a couple CrossFit workouts involving both short and long distance running.  I appreciated the extra cushion especially during the longer distances, and I noticed the curve of the sole helped force me to run on my toes.  I typically notice discomfort in my knees and hips while running most distances over 1 mile, however I was able to run over 3 miles without feeling any joint pain. If you’re a typical “heel runner” I would give these shoes a try.

 When should you use it? I liked these shoes for the longer distances, but I wouldn’t wear them in anything under a mile or during workouts that involve exercises requiring stability such as kettlebell swings, squatting, or barbell movements. 

Grinder's Gear Review | LALO TacticalHow do you get it? LALO offers their gear in very few stores across the country, so the best way to get your hands on these is through their website.  The women’s Recon retails for $150.

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