What is it? Tango Charlie Apparel which was started by military veterans, is a relatively small company in the functional fitness universe, but that doesn’t mean they make low quality products.  I landed a pair of their sweat pants which are titled the BMG Sweats (which stands for “Big Motherlovin’ Graphics” in response to their original sweat pants reviews complaining about not having a large enough print).

What do I think? These are great.  I like Tango Charlie’s style and attitude as a company and their owner Tom is a great and down-to-earth guy who wants to make quality products and isn’t worried about how much money he can make off people.  The sweats fit great and as stated, they are incredibly comfortable and can be pulled up with the elastic bottoms during your training. They quickly became my favorite sweats to train in.Tango Charlie | Grinder's Gear Review

Why do you need it? If you are looking for a great pair of sweats and are tired of the traditional straight leg athletic pant that just hangs down to the ankle, you should get some of these and check them out.

When should you use it? Anytime really but they were excellent for warm-ups in the pre-dawn hours and transitioning from running outside back into the box during workouts.  I loved them for my soccer coaching job too. Also, they are very comfortable to wear around the house or sleep in.

How do you get it? Go straight to the source at Tango Charlie Apparel.  BMG Sweats retail for $24.99 and you should tool around their site and check out all their quality shirts and other gear while you’re there.


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